Polyaxon allows to use external git providers for code management. Currently only github/gitlab/bitbucket are supported for private external repos.

External public repos

To start experiments and jobs using external public repos, the users need to update their polyaxonfiles' build section with git url, e.g.

  image: ubuntu
  git: https://github.com/user/repo

This will just tell Polyaxon to create a build based on latest master.

To be able to use a specific commit/branch/other treeish, you should add a ref:

  image: tensorflow/tensorflow:1.4.1-py3
    - pip3 install --no-cache -U polyaxon-client
  git: https://github.com/polyaxon/polyaxon-quick-start
  ref: 4b798d5663e336bc6a5e1021bd84174e0303ef4a

External private repos

In order to use code from private repos, you must add an access token to allow Polyaxon to pull the repo, both gitlab and github provide a way to create access tokens.

Depending on your provider, you should create an access token and allow the repos access, and then you need to update your deployment config.yaml

reposAccessToken: TokenHashHere