Private registries

Polyaxon allows to define images from private Container Registries

As an example, let's assume that you want to use the image which is private and requires you to login into a private container registry.

Let's also assume that these are the login credentials:

Key value
username my_username
password my_password

To configure access for, you need to add the registry to your configuration based on our URI spec:

"user:[email protected]:port" or "user:[email protected]"

In the case of the example you need to add your container registry to deployment configuration:

  - "my_username:[email protected]"

Polyaxon will turn this uri specification into a secret and expose it to the necessary service responsible for building your experiment/job images.

You can have more than one private container registry defined in your Polyaxon deployment configuration:

  - "my_username:[email protected]"
  - "my_username2:[email protected]:5000"