Turn Off Polyaxon

When you are done with Polyaxon, you can turn off the deployment, and depending on your persistence configuration you can find all your data saved for future deployments.

You can also decide to completely turn off Polyaxon and remove the namespace and computational resources.

Stop/Delete running experiments/jobs

Polyaxon will by default stop all running jobs/experiments before a tear down.

Delete Helm release

Delete the helm release. This deletes all resources that were created by helm during the deployment.

$ helm delete <RELEASE_NAME> --purge

If you used the default values, the command should be,

$ helm delete polyaxon --purge

If for some reason, your deployment did not succeed, you might need to delete Polyaxon with this command instead

$ helm delete polyaxon --purge --no-hooks

Delete the namespace

Delete the namespace Polyaxon was installed in. This deletes any disks that may have been created to store user’s logs|database, and any IP addresses that may have been provisioned.

$ kubectl delete namespace <your-namespace>

If you used the default values, the command should be,

$ kubectl delete namespace polyaxon