Polyaxon supports multiple backend options to build container images used for running jobs or training experiments.

You can configure Kaniko as build backend per job/experiment or by as the default build backend.

Using Kaniko per job/experiment

In the case the default build backend is not Kaniko, users who want to use Kaniko to build container images must define explicitly the backend option in their Polyaxon files:

  backend: kaniko

Using Kaniko as the default build backend

In order to deploy Polyaxon with Kaniko as the default backend build option, user need to set buildBackend in their Polyaxon deployment config file.

buildBackend: kaniko

Changing the Kaniko image, image tag, and the image pull policy

You can change the default image and version used for creating the Kaniko build container:

  image: gcr.io/kaniko-project/executor
  imageTag: latest
  imagePullPolicy: IfNotPresent