Polyaxon supports repos hosted on GitLab. You can use code from your GitLab repositories directly in Polyaxon projects without having to check them out on your local machine first.

N.B. Polyaxon supports public and private GitLab repos, you don't need to have a GitLab account to use code from public GitLab repositories. e.g. https://gitlab.com/polyaxon/polyaxon-quick-start

  image: tensorflow/tensorflow:1.4.1-py3
    - pip3 install --no-cache -U polyaxon-client
  ref: 4b798d5663e336bc6a5e1021bd84174e0303ef4a

Open GitLab Developer Settings

Open Access Tokens


Generate a new token

Choose a name for the token (e.g. "Polyaxon"), then grant the token API permissions to be able to use full integration features or select readrepository and readuser to only have ability to use existing repositories. This will enable Polyaxon to read your repositories and detect new commits. Click the Generate Token button at the bottom to create the token.


Or If you only want to allow Polyaxon read access please select:


Copy the token

Select the token and copy it.

Update your deployment config file

reposAccessToken: TokenHashHere